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Gravelroad Group is an Australian owned independent  company  established in 1999 with specialist skills in strategy,  policy,  advisory services,  economics, digital, ICT and telecommunications.  All of our people are passionate about working collaboratively with our customers to deliver completely independent  advice, in partnership, to achieve shared goals and objectives.

We operate across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific and have a specific focus working with Federal, State and Local Government, mission critical and asset intensive industries.

We simplify the complicated and develop practical and achievable models for change.

We are an outcome-driven organisation that works collaboratively with you to deliver your identified goals and objectives. We help you deliver high quality, value for money outcomes through our highly experienced and proven senior consulting team.

Our combination of business skills, technical knowledge, common sense and customer centric culture supports Government, information technology and telecommunications users, and asset intensive companies to think through complex issues and deliver outcomes.


We apply our proven roadmap and help you manage and achieve the outcomes you need – so you get the optimal result each and every time.

We ensure you and your senior leadership team are fully involved, accountable where appropriate and learning from our experience.

We always offer to transfer our skills to our clients where you require.

REAL PEOPLE. REAL EXPERIENCE. REAL OUTCOMES Gravelroad provides support and guidance to enable improved connectivity outcomes throughout the whole operational life cycle.

Gravelroad Consulting

We have broad expertise and industry knowledge in the technology and commercial aspects of IT and Telecommunications to help communities, government and business organisations:

  • Improve the technical outcomes of their IT and telecommunication solutions
  • Improve the commercial outcomes of their IT and telecommunication solutions
  • Improve access to effective modern telecommunication solutions.

In addition to deep engineering experience, Gravelroad has an economics and regulatory capability and so helps clients align policy with design, economic analysis and regulatory outcomes.

Gravelroad Services

Gravelroad Services provide skilled and experienced technical capability to deliver complex telecommunication projects on time and on budget. 

Gravelroad Services is a separate Business Unit alongside but independent to Gravelroad Consulting.  We deliver Project Management, Engineering and Design Services to assist our clients achieve their target outcomes.  All work is overseen by professional staff with, each greater than 20 years in the Telco Industry.

Functional Areas Include

  • Project Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Security
  • Network Engineering
  • Cable and Radio Design
  • Infrastructure Audit 

Gravelroad can provide support and assistance to enable improved outcomes throughout the entire life cycle.


Our Roadmap – Functional Overview

Requirements Specification

Initial Review and  Analysis

Initial review and analysis to understand current business issues or limitations and through consultation with Stakeholders, Define the Requirements.  At this stage of the process requirements should be concentrated on the business or community outcomes and not focused on the technical solution or approach.

Advisory Examples

  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Technology Trends
  • New Ways of Working
  • Strategic Planning
  • Future Connection Analysis
  • Requirement Scoping

Service Examples

  • Process Automation Opportunities
  • Workflow Automation Opportunities

Current State Analysis

A key stage to ensure that the Current State of systems, services or processes is captured and documented to allow for analysis of the shortfall from the defined requirements and enable evidence-based decision making.

Advisory Examples

  • Communications Audit
  • Current Agreement Review
  • Service Benchmark
  • Market Sounding
  • Gap Analysis

Service Examples

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Audit (Desktop and/or Field)
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Coverage
  • Fit for Purpose Analysis

Solution Development

This stage uses the knowledge gained in terms of needs and what is currently available to develop a solution for implementation.   In most cases this will involve the development of multiple options for evaluation and analysis to identify and justify the best outcome in terms of benefit gained versus required investment. 

Advisory Examples

  • Options Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • Requirement Specification

Service Examples

  • Wired and Wireless
    • Network Planning
    • Detail Design
  • Coverage Mapping
  • Microwave Path Design
  • Layer 2 & 3 Network Design


An essential part of any project is an effective and focused procurement process.   Through effort in the early stages of procurement, better outcomes are delivered through the development of accurate and detailed requirements specification and evaluation strategies.

Advisory Examples

  • Request for Proposal / Tender
  • Submission Evaluation
  • Commercial Finalisation

Service Examples

  • Cost Estimate
  • Tender Response


Effective project management, and often the coordination across multiple projects, is required in the deployment of new technical solutions.  Key facets include visibility for all stakeholders and early identification of issues to implement remedial activities as early as possible.

Advisory Examples

  • Project Management Office
  • Benefits Realisation Reporting

Service Examples

  • Project Management
  • Testing and Acceptance
  • Integrate
  • Automate Workflow


Following the completion of a project there will be varying levels of ongoing management support required.   Other than ongoing direct asset management activities post project activities included, post implementation reviews to identify learnings,  continued monitoring to ensure benefits identified in the project justification are realised, and ongoing Asset Management.   

Advisory Examples

  • Service Level Reporting
  • Billing Analysis
  • Performance Review
  • Post Implementation Review

Service Examples

  • Ongoing Cost Management
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Network Augmentation and Management

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