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Network Infrastructure Connectivity Analysis

Gravelroad provides Network Infrastructure Connectivity Analysis and Reports for Local or State Government Agencies, Consultants, and Industry based on Local Government Areas (LGA), transport corridors, State, and National boundaries.  Each report is generated on request based on the latest published cellular network coverage and population data.


The provision of terrestrial telecommunication infrastructure is dependent on population density.

The cost per customer connected increases proportionally as the density of customers decreases.

There are only three physical mobile networks with many cellular network service resellers.

Being informed provides opportunity.

Decisions and efforts to influence outcomes need to be based on sound analytical analysis.


Gravelroad’s analysis combines population density data with telecommunication infrastructure data to present rich analysis for the chosen region or route. Results are presented with reference to the same attribute national average.

Organisations can use reports to assist;

  • In discussions regarding further investment in telecommunication infrastructure
  • Input to broader infrastructure planning
  • Analysis of transport route communication availability
  • Identifying areas of strength in current telecommunication connectivity

An example report output is accessible below.  Your reports will include access to secured zoomable maps and pdf versions of maps with accompanying information.  Online secured maps will be available for access for 12 months.

For further information on sourcing a customised and unique report please complete the provided contact form.

Network Infrastructure Connectivity Analysis Request

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