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Advisory – Gravelroad Consulting

Gravelroad is an independent consultancy with specialist skills in Public Sector, telecommunications engineering and economics within complex environments.  We have offices in Wellington and Brisbane and work regularly in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. We have broad expertise and industry knowledge in the technology, delivery and commercial aspects of IT and Telecommunications.

Gravelroad Consulting provides services to the private sector, telecommunication carriers, infrastructure owners and Governments throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.   Our customer centric culture, combined with our teams’ deep and practical industry experience, our ability to work in close partnership with our Clients, and our independence from any one solution, enables us to provide Clients with advice that is aligned to their strategic direction.

Approximately 90% of our staff have engineering or technical backgrounds, and the remainder working as economists and commercial analysts.

We help communities, government and business organisations to:

  • Improve access to effective modern connectivity
  • Improve the technical outcomes from their IT&T solutions
  • Improve the commercial outcomes from their IT&T solutions
  • Enable “Smart Systems”.


Gravelroad’s advisory support extends from the initial phase of Requirements Definition through the normal project/business change life cycle through to implementation and ongoing review.

We apply our understanding and industry knowledge to assist clients develop the best solution for their individual requirements.

We have experience in all facets of next-generation connectivity (including 5G), digital transformation, Smart City/Systems & Internet of Things (IoT), data-driven strategy development and delivery within high-profile operations.

Through independent research and our extensive industry contacts, we provide evidence based and practical advice.

The Gravelroad Smart City Practice brings the very best of Gravelroad to help our clients transform cities and regions to compete and operate in today’s digital world.

Gravelroad can reduce the risk of any projects through unbiased independent advice and the benefit of previous experience.

Advisory Capability

Smart Cities

For communities to achieve real and sustainable benefits from Smart City initiatives the whole ecosystem must be considered including technology, connectivity, data management and analysis plus individual engagement.

The Gravelroad Smart City Practice is led by Matthew Schultz, an internationally recognized Executive leader with expertise in all facets of next-generation connectivity, digital transformation, Smart City & Internet of Things, and data-driven strategy and delivery within high-profile operations.

Capability Statement: Gravelroad Smart Cities

Case Study: Smart Services

Connectivity Strategy

Many regions or precincts across Australia suffer from inadequate telecommunication infrastructure and services (including broadband) to satisfy the desired community outcomes.

As one of the leading independent strategy, consulting, digital connectivity, technology and engineering companies in Australia, we have the capabilities to help clients design regional scale connectivity and technology transformation.

Capability Statement: Gravelroad Connectivity Strategy

Case Study: Connectivity

Connectivity Study

Government at all levels acknowledge the vital economic value of high speed broadband infrastructure being universally available to business and residential customers. It is also important that the digital divide is addressed and competitive services are available as far as possible to support price and service quality competition.

Gravelroad works with significant telecommunications infrastructure deployments with all levels of government, Telecommunication Carriers, utilities and other industry partners.   Examples of what we can provide include Network Coverage Testing, Fixed Network Audit, Infrastructure Mapping and Connectivity Analysis.

Capability Statement: Gravelroad Connectivity Study

Case Study: Connectivity

PNG and the Pacific

Gravelroad has been working with private and government customers almost continuously in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific for the last 15 years.

We provide services to government, regulators, network utilities such as telecommunication, transport, energy, water and sewerage along with many private organisations.

In Papua New Guinea and Pacific nations we have worked for many organisations, and have developed a good understanding of government and private enterprise, the challenges of a diverse landscape and how best to successfully engage with local organisations.

Capability Statement: Gravelroad Connectivity Study

Case Study: Connectivity

Telecommunications Procurement

Organisations that have been with the same telecommunications service providers for some time, may be paying too much for their services or not taking advantage of newer services available in the market.

Gravelroad analyses your current telecommunications billing to understand whether you are receiving market competitive services, that are best suited to your needs. Through this analysis we can determine if there is an opportunity to take your organisation’s demand to a competitive bidding process and provide substantial cost savings. Gravelroad can also assist with independently procuring competitive new telecommunications services.

Capability Statement: Gravelroad Telecoms Service Procurement

Case Study: Connectivity


Regulatory Support

Regulated entities often operate complex layered infrastructure networks that have a detailed relationship between costs, regulated prices and investment in new infrastructure.

Gravelroad can model these complex environments for cost inputs, charging options and planning for capital investments, typically over the regulated period. Our work in assessing complex networks of infrastructure and their costs and revenues includes telecommunications, electricity, transport, water, ports, postal, petroleum, wheat and rice markets.

Capability Statement: Gravelroad Regulatory Support

Case Study: Network Economics


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