Our company was founded in 1999, and until 2008 was named GDI.  The name GDI has its roots with Gibsons Management Consulting Group, who set up a subsidiary called Gibsons Digital Innovation (GDI). GDI was formed to provide strategic advice to clients on using ICT for business advantage, and was bought out of the Gibsons Group by the GDI Directors prior to the takeover of Gibsons by the Canberra based Citadel Group.

Marking its independence from the Gibsons Group, GDI moved into new premises in Brisbane in 2003 and continued to grow its customer base throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, the UK, and the USA.

In 2007, GDI started its operations through a new company in New Zealand – GDI New Zealand. The company became quickly established, and with this rapid expansion we took the opportunity to review our brand.

The rebrand of GDI to Gravelroad Consulting marks a significant milestone in our company’s evolution. As we continue to grow in consultant numbers and the markets we operate in, the time had come to put our heritage behind us.

The Gravelroad Brand

The core of our brand is our people.

Each member of our team is extremely experienced, capable and sought after. What really sets us apart is the fact that each person is down-to-earth and ‘real’.  Gravelroad consultants are professionals with real industry experience. Each of us has worked in the private sector and have ‘been there, done that’.  We understand that the road to success can at times be rough and we have the experience and resolve to take this journey with our clients. We think beyond the traditional consulting model in order to achieve real and measurable outcomes.

Our core brand essence is ~ Real people, with Real experience, achieving Real outcomes.

The name Gravelroad is a very down-to-earth name, and symbolises the journey that we go on with our clients. It’s about travelling a new path and seeking new directions, and in some instances, helping clients through the ‘bumps in the road’.

Our tagline ‘Thinking Beyond Consulting’ reflects our thinking beyond the obvious solution. We are prepared to put in the hard yards and go the distance in assisting our clients with achieving successful outcomes . We have all of the professional discipline and rigour of a top-tier consulting firm, but deliver more value by working alongside our clients, owning the business issues and not getting caught up in overly formal methodologies.

We have intimate knowledge and understanding of the economics behind infrastructure and IT investments and work with our clients to realise business value from those investments.

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