Network Engineering

network-engineeringTelecommunication Services are vital enablers of economic and community value and provide opportunities for transformational change in the way we all work and live.

The Gravelroad team have been involved in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry over the last 30+ years and believe the potential for positive change is greater than ever. We understand how to use the technology and how to effectively influence the supply and demand sides of the market.

Large organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on the use of telecommunication services. Business requirements and processes continue to transform and ICT Services need to be matched with the modified requirements.

Gravelroad’s consulting team has extensive experience in the matching of complex requirements to the optimum infrastructure or service solution. As independent consultants, Gravelroad focuses on benefits realisation as the outcome, rather than simply managing the delivery of a project.

With a mix of skilled staff backgrounds from carriers, suppliers and network owners, Gravelroad can convert the business requirements to an appropriate technical solution.

Combining technical expertise, industry knowledge and common sense Gravelroad ensures that identified benefits are delivered by vendors. Industry experience allows Gravelroad to ascertain what is possible, whether claims from suppliers are realistic and help clients engage effectively with system and service vendors.

Gravelroad has extensive experience in the design, planning, procurement and management of Public Safety Agency telecommunication networks. Our consultants have many years of experience in the planning, design and operation of infrastructure, fibre systems, microwave links and mobile radio systems. In addition, Gravelroad has gathered broad knowledge of the operational requirements, and variations, of Emergency Service organisations.

For existing network implementations Gravelroad can assist clients in the review of current performance, capability and future development options. The application of engineering skills to the review of existing infrastructure or services contributes to the provision of future analysis and strategic planning.

We specialise in:

  • Mapping of Customer Business Requirements to Solutions
  • Network Infrastructure Planning and Cost Estimation
  • System Governance and Reviews
  • Investment Business Case Development
  • System Performance Analysis
  • Management of Procurement and Delivery

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