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Ian Gordon

Ian has specialist skills in telecommunications, business strategy, procurement and contract negotiation. A confident communicator, Ian demonstrates that one of the most important criteria for success in any project is clarity of communications, clear accountabilities for all stakeholders and delivery of agreed results on time. A working career as an engineer and consultant in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, USA and Papua New Guinea has confirmed that most problems and their solutions are very much the same, although the approach often needs to be adapted to the audience.

Ian has 36 years experience in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry, in technical and management positions. Beginning as a telecommunications technician in 1971 with Telecom New Zealand, Ian developed experience in the installation and maintenance of many types of telecommunications systems. This experience has been useful in his professional career, where he is able to deal successfully with technical staff with a good understanding of the work being carried out on site.

While working as a technician, Ian completed a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering to complement his technician qualifications. In 1981, Ian was awarded a university scholarship and undertook an engineering degree at the University of Canterbury, graduating with First Class Honours in 1982. In 1993 Ian completed a Master of Business Administration at the University of Canterbury specialising in finance and accounting to provide commercial skills to enhance his engineering background.

Working as an engineer, Ian’s work ranged from the design and project management of the installation of major cable and radio systems to transmission systems analysis and heavy power projects. In 1989, Ian was awarded a Confederation of British Industries (CBI) scholarship to the United Kingdom, and spent 12 months with Ove Arup and Partners in their London office, in the communications division. Useful experience was gained with British Telecom, Mercury Telecommunications and the BBC among other customers.

In 1992, Telecom New Zealand won a major contract in Australia with Bell Atlantic, a major US Carrier and part owner of Telecom New Zealand. The contract involved facilities management of the Queensland Government’s telecommunications services, and later, of many other large groups in the corporate and Government sectors in Australia. Ian moved to Queensland with his family as the product manager for Pacific Star Communications, and over time became the General Manager Operations with a staff of 100+.

When Telecom New Zealand scaled down operations in Australia, Ian opted to remain in Queensland and became a contract manager and consulting engineer.

Ian formed Gravelroad (previously called GDI) with a number of partners in 1999. Ian has a wide knowledge of the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry, from a practical early background to strong management and commercial experience in running technology-based companies.

Ian’s skills and particular interests cover operational design and management, business planning, process design and reengineering and the effective employment of technology in a practical way that complements a business’ current operations while delivering real benefits to the business. Ian has strong business skills that allow the analysis of current processes and the design of new processes that can be incorporated in an incrementally achievable way.

Ian collects, restores and rides motorcycles and is a keen cyclist, riding regularly in Brisbane and competing in as many social cycling events through the year as time permits.

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