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Billy Manoka

Billy Manoka

Most recently the Commissioner for the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) in PNG, Dr Manoka brings significant country and academic experience. He brings policy and analytical skills in the areas of competition, consumer protection and economic regulation of infrastructure utilities (power, ports, water and post) and other declared goods and services such as public transportation fares, rice, sugar, flour, and fuel prices. He understands the financial modeling for the setting of tariffs for power, port charges, water rates and postage stamps. He has other skills such as cost benefit analysis, and the analysis of development policy and projects. He has the reputation and authority to connect with and elicit the cooperation of stakeholders in the industry of enquiry in PNG.

Billy has a PhD in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts in the US, a Masters in Development Economics from ANU and a Bachelors degree in Economics with Honors from the University of PNG.

He spent 22 years as an academic in the Economics Department at the University of PNG from 1988 to May 2010 and reached the rank of Associate Professor before his appointment as Commissioner / CEO for ICCC in May 2010.

He has over 10 years consulting experience in development projects and policy advise to the PNG Government.

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