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Bernard Poerschke

Bernard has 25+ years experience in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry, and has strong analytical skills. Bernard worked in a variety of engineering and management roles in Telstra for 20 years, and for the last 7 years has worked as a technology consultant in the industry. During this time Bernard has gained detailed knowledge in Telecommunication Network Design and Costing; IT Strategy; IT Security; Telecommunications Competition and Regulation Application and Network Performance Analysis; Fraud Detection and Prevention Bernard’s interest as a consultant is helping to ensure technology is chosen and used effectively in client organisations. This is much more than writing a tender and selecting the best offer – it is essential that the organisation describes its needs clearly, understands the economics of solutions, assesses offers effectively, and then selects the best offer and ensures the promised solution is delivered and maintained properly. This includes framing the project in a way that records the success, or otherwise, of a procurement decision in a way that is clearly understood and measureable.

Bernard worked in a variety of engineering and management roles in Telstra for 20 years, and for the last 7 years has worked as a technology consultant in the industry.

Bernard’s skills and particular interests cover the employment of technology in a practical way that complements a business’ current operations while delivering real benefits to the business as well as Business Continuity.

While working as a consultant, Bernard has undertaken the following work:

  • Provided strategic advice to a government owned telecommunications carrier in the Asia-Pacific region to prepare the organisation for a competitive environment
  • Developed Business Risk and Continuity Model for use in the SME market space based on
  1. AS7799.2 – Information Security Management
  2. AS13335 – Guidelines for the Management of IT Security
  3. ISO17799 – Code of Practice for Information Security Management
  4. HB231 – Information Security Risk Management Guidelines
  5. AS/NSZ 4360 – Risk Management
  6. ACSI33 – Unclassified Australian Government Information and Communications Technology Security Manual
  • Undertook application profiling to identify the resource requirements associated with the role-out of a new enterprise wide ERP Application
  • Undertook performance triage on a variety of application to determine if the unacceptable response times where due to WAN issues, Server issues, Client PC Issues, configuration issues or application coding
  • Undertook strategic review for a Service Provider to determine feasibility of becoming a telecommunications carrier.
  • Provided expert price modelling for a telecommunications regulator in the Asia-Pacific region

During his time with Telstra, Bernard’s major achievements included:

  • Project managed design and installation of highly redundant telecommunications infrastructure for Queensland Golden Casket operation.
  • Project managed design, development and installation of new debt collection system within a six-week time frame.
  • Managed the operation, including data continuity, of Telstra’s fraud systems which operate 24/7.
  • Project managed the development and building a suite of programmes that allowed the backlog of customers wishing to be returned to Telstra to be returned automatically saving $1.6m in labour costs and clearing the backlog in a 1/50th of the time that it would have taken manually.
  • Project managed the clearing of the backlog of some 200,000 customers wishing to be returned to Telstra
  • Managed collection of $7.7m of debt, some of which was over 5 years old, at the cost of $1.6m.
  • Co-ordinated development of methodology to determine fraudulent credit card transactions which detected $500,000 worth of fraud.
  • Invented methodology to allow existing fraud system to handle a 500% increase in volume within existing hardware and software limitations.
  • Supervised development and building of new Never Pay Score Card system in 3 weeks that reduced bad debt by $250,000p.a.
  • Conceived and built office automation routines that allowed a debt collection centre to collect in excess of $50 million dollars at a total cost of 13¢ in the dollar.
  • Developed process that recovered the names and addresses for 650,000 customers where this data was lost, saving Telstra $950,000 in labour costs.
  • Led project team that designed and built the mainframe utility that automated the transfer of 650,000 customers from a wholesale to a retail relationship, saving Telstra $2.7m in labour costs.

During all of this time Bernard has made the time to keep fit through running and attending gym and tries to surf at least once a fortnight before work. Bernard and his wife enjoy hiking and the outdoors in areas carefully selected by his wife that have no mobile coverage.

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