State Owned Enterprises

Since the 1980’s Governments have moved to establish ‘State Owned Enterprises’ from former Government departments or agencies. These organisations are empowered to operate successfully as businesses. These include networked business model organisations; Postal Services, Rail Networks, Broadcasting, Energy Distribution and Telecommunications.


Telecommunications infrastructure is lowering underlying costs and driving demand for greater connection speeds. Voice over IP (VoIP), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), high speed broadband access and new content providers offer new freedom in the way we work and where we work from, how we access entertainment content, purchase goods and services and deliver health and education services. Low cost broadband services, both wired and wireless, offer new flexibility in work locations, service offerings and the range of content and applications available.

Postal Services

Over many years there has been a significant decline in postal volumes due to substitution by digital communications. Simultaneously parcel and express volumes continue to increase. Both trends are expected to continue. Fundamental rethinking of postal distribution services is taking place, focused on structure of the networks, retail footprints and product profitability.

Rail Networks

Transportation networks in general, and railways in particular, have been classified as network industries by economists. Network industries have many distinctive economic properties with competitive and regulatory implications.

Gravelroad Services

Gravelroad brings vast experience in the evolving SOE environment – we can identify opportunities and risks for these organisations and the services they provide, develop comprehensive economic models, design and evaluate networks and assist in the development of regulatory services.

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