Gravelroad has extensive experience working with local and central government in New Zealand, and regional, state and federal government in Australia. Our projects have included research, strategy development, business modelling and procurement.

Councils and Local Government

We have worked with over 50 councils on telecommunications and IT related projects, often determining needs and ‘gaps’ in local capabilities which leads to business case development for new infrastructure, skills and business improvement. We understand the unique advantages and limitations of councils, from construction and asset opportunities, to potential limits on market competition and commercial activities. We believe councils are responsible for economic and community development, and that there are new ways to intervene and encourage this development through enhancement of local technology infrastructure and skills.

Central Government

At central government levels, we have provided advice at all levels of government from cabinet ministers to economic development departments on technology trends, investment options and business case development in government formats. We are able to work closely with policy development groups, treasury staff and regional development teams, bringing a pragmatic and highly experienced view of what can work.

Independent Policy Development

We provide advice on responses likely from the ICT industry where a new policy or procurement process is being contemplated, and describe our work in this area as ‘market sounding’ where the industry is willing to share views with us in confidence and with the understanding that we will accurately convey views to government without compromising the provider of the information. This role of being a trusted provider of views from both sides of the industry allows Gravelroad to assist government in developing practical policy and projects that deliver benefit to all stakeholders.


Our specialist skills in the telecommunications industry leads to work in the regulatory area of the industry. We assist commercial and government clients to assess regulatory impacts on their activities, develop compliance plans and provide specialist analysis of tariffs, competitive behaviour and regulatory policy.

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