Our Experience

We have experience across a number of industry sectors, but have particular experience within Government, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Utilities, Telecommunications and Transport Infrastructure organisations.

A common thread across each of these sectors is their complex networked nature, with very specific economic drivers underpinning them.

Whether a business is about running wholesale energy grids, telecommunications networks, airline routes or has multiple sites with a need to share real time in-depth data, our strength is understanding the base economic drivers for networked businesses and the governance structures to support the success of these.

The common threads across the industry sectors we work within are:

  • They are capital intensive
  • The are highly usage dependent
  • Many operate in a regulated environment
  • They are brand and customer experience dependent
  • They are technology intensive

In our experience we find that full extent of the networked nature of businesses is not adequately modelled, researched or understood, resulting in unexpected incremental expenditures and performance constraints. ICT is often viewed as a factor limiting business performance; however more often than not the business drivers for ICT investments haven’t been definied and aligned to the ICT solution.

We start from the beginning, working with our clients to:

  • Identify customers and their requirements
  • Understand the network infrastructure upon which the business is based and how this can be optimised
  • Model the network and business economics and understand the business advantage and pressure points
  • Coach and guide management teams
  • Align business drivers with ICT investments
  • Align and develop customer sales and service channels

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